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Resolution Systems integrates business improvement, a powerful technology stack and operational analytics, to a deliver large increase in value to asset-intensive industries.


Resolution Systems
Resolution Systems' flagship product is MaxMine, a next-generation automated business improvement product which performs advanced analytics and data science on mobile equipment, producing operational data to deliver significant cost savings and productivity gains to open-pit mining operations.

Our Flagship Product

Delivering value


With high resolution data, engineering, and AI for Business Improvement.


Resolution systems is value first, not technology first. Working with clients, we use business improvement techniques to identify the highest value problems. We then harness the power of big data and automated analytics to implement innovative, reliable, and sustainable business improvement tools. We lift operational performance and generate significant, tangible value for clients. We have a range of case studies, showing large value delivery; no theoretical “use cases”.

Resolution designs for seamless operational integration. We use an approach that encompasses the human aspects of behaviour change and obtains top-down support for improvement mandates. We coach-in our technology, to ensure use and value delivery. Via our SaaS model, we partner with our clients and commit to delivering and improving value, in perpetuity.


By applying our bespoke technology to business improvement, our team of experienced operations improvement experts and software developers has been identifying and implementing major improvements in blue-chip companies across the globe for over 20 years.


Our experience spans a wide range of sectors, including mining, oil and gas, energy, pulp and paper, and manufacturing.

To find out more about the kind of results you can expect from Resolution Systems, view our case studies:


Resolution Systems