About Resolution Systems

Resolution Systems was founded in 2015 – building on the team’s 15-year legacy in business
improvement and data-intensive process efficiency, improvement in mining, mineral processing,
oil and gas and large-scale manufacturing.

We are a group of expert problem solvers, passionate about solving real-world challenges with innovative and tangible solutions that stick. We are agile, flexible and value driven. We are continually verifying and validating our view of your world, asking ourselves the following:

Our Mission

To improve operational efficiency, profitability, safety and sustainability significantly and permanently in large-scale asset-intensive industries across the globe.

Our Vision

To build the most compelling operational technology platform in the industrial world. To take this well-developed, proven technology and apply it to key asset-intensive sectors globally.

Our Technology

We have built a robust, full-stack IoT-AI-BI platform that is improving operations globally.

We work with a range of technologies across the full spectrum of dev-ops (software application development and IT operations) and data-science.

Resolution Systems is not a recent entrant to the fields of business
improvement, machine learning or data intensive analysis.

Our leaders have been doing vehicle communications and data-intensive analysis since 1996, machine
learning since 2001, and our founders have been drawn from senior roles in top-tier operational
improvement firms and mining operations.

What We Stand For

Resolution Systems has created unique, outcome-driven solutions based on what we as a collective group test and develop.
Our success springs from a strong company culture of shared values:

An open and honest approach to communication within our team, externally

and with all our key stakeholders

An industry that always challenges the norm and accepted systems, to create a future that delivers a strong bottom line for our clients and, therefore, for us
Continually improving our system and the way we do business to enable flexibility and
fit-for-purpose solutions
Focusing only on what matters
and fixing that first
Implementing improvements that last so
that we only fix something once

Meet Our Flagship Product

Resolution Systems flagship product is MaxMine, a next-generation automated business improvement product which performs advanced analytics and data science on mobile equipment operational data to deliver significant cost savings and productivity gains to open-pit mining operations.

MaxMine provides an objective and accurate control point for contract mining, creating transparency for both the contract miner and the owner of an operation to ensure that the contract is being executed in a fairly and equitably manner. MaxMine has been customised in several instances to focus on the contract requirements and measure the critical factors of a contract, in some cases leading to an adjustment to the contract.

MaxMine was born out of a desire to improve site operations in open-pit mining. We could see massive process variation and found that with adjustments to the data collection process using existing sensors and site data systems we could deliver exceptional outcomes, such as: