Team Engagement: Gin & Topic at Resolution Systems

Employee Engagement

G&T anyone???

Interesting Friday afternoon with the Resolution Systems team.

Each Friday, as part of our team engagement, we take time out to have one of the team members present on a topic of their choice.

We call it Gin & Topic! Our typical Friday afternoon involves the Adelaide team having a meeting and those like myself who work remotely, dialling in to join in on the fun.

It is super cool to have this kind of presentation as it gives insight into the interests that each team member has outside of their daily job.

We have had presentations about everything including making lasagna, baking, travel, cars, misadventures, a road trip through India, being a stay at home dad and diets, just to name a few.

Today was different, though! We had our first Gin and Topic run entirely online.

With only a couple of people in the office and everyone else dialling in from home!

We got to learn about a 3D Modelling and Animation project that Drew, one of our team members, has been working on!

Super cool to see what consumes time outside of work. I personally find these team engagement sessions intriguing as there are so many opportunities to integrate these skills and interests into our business!

Enjoy your weekend!

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