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Applications for Resolution Systems Graduate Program 2021

Who are we?

Resolution Systems was founded in 2015 - building on the team’s 15-year legacy in business improvement and data-intensive process efficiency, improvement in mining, mineral process and large-scale manufacturing. 


We are a group of expert problem solvers, passionate about solving real-world challenges with innovative and tangible solutions.


MaxMine, our flagship product, is an automated business and productivity reporting tool focusing on fleet optimisation and increased operator performance by reducing variability. This is achieved with the combination of big data analytics, consulting and coaching to offer change management.


Why should you be a graduate with us?

With Resolution Systems growing at a rapid pace there are opportunities for you to grow and learn with us while you shape your own unique role within the company. Despite only being founded 5 years ago, you will be surrounded by some of the smartest people in the industry willing to share their knowledge and expertise. 


Our office culture is just as distinctive as what we do. With an open office layout and office dogs always looking for a cuddle and pat you will always feel like a part of the family! We pride ourselves on constantly learning and sharing with the people around us. 


We have a weekly “Lunch & Learn” where you can teach everyone something new, be it a new collaborative graphic design website you found or the intricacies of 3D design. We finish each of our weeks off with our “Gin & Topic” where we end the week on a light-hearted note, presentations in the past have included a showcase of a recent holiday, or a flashback to your younger days as a DJ followed by a showcase of your skills!


What will you be doing?

Resolution Systems is currently offering a complete 12-month graduate program. Your time will be spent rotating through different parts of Resolution Systems to gain experience in all aspects of our business. We structure the program into 4-month rotations: however, we want to work with you and help you discover what career pathway suits you best, so rotations are flexible and will cater to your preferences and interests.


In conjunction with the skills you will develop, Resolution Systems will conduct weekly mentoring meetings with all our grads with various team leads and executives. This is not only to ensure that your experience here is fulfilling your expectations but to discuss career opportunities and methods of possible development.


Who are we looking for?

We have opportunities for graduates to pursue many avenues within the business from project management to product development. We are looking for graduates across a broad range of disciplines. Some pathways include:


Aerospace / Mechanical / Mechatronic Engineering

As a mechanical or mechatronics engineer you can expect to spend time with our experienced engineers working on challenging analyses of large mining equipment and spend time with our operations team and design of equipment installations.


Electrical / Electronic / Computer Systems Engineering

As an Electrical or Computer Systems engineer, you can expect to spend time working on our embedded systems and getting hands-on experience with the hardware side of our products. You will also get an opportunity to work with our team that carries out the hardware and software installations with our clients.


Computer Science / Software Engineering

As a Computer Science graduate or Software engineer you will get an opportunity to work on our extensive software stack and get experience with the popular AWS infrastructure. You will spend time working across a wide range of our front end & cloud services and help us make our users awesome!


At Resolution Systems, we highly value communication and working with our clients closely to get the very best out of our products. We believe in getting all our graduates' exposure to working with clients and will help them develop those ever-important communications and support skills.


About you:

  • Multidisciplinary skill set
  • Learning mindset and a positive attitude
  • Desire to be involved in all aspects of the business
  • Candidates who can grow with the business

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