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Keeping Load Size In Range


7% improvement in material movement capacity by increasing average truck payloads using MaxMine tools


The Challenge


  • There is generally high variation between operators tonnage delivered per load.
  • This means that each site sets target payloads and sometimes achieve target.


The Change
  • Using MaxMine data, payload target was adjusted correctly.
  • MaxMine’s load unit operator scorecards implemented to drive compliance to the payload target while managing load times.
  • Installed wallboards to display a league table of operator performance.
  • Introduced operator performance improvement tools to manage loading time and loading bias.


The Result
  • Using the MaxMine Loads in Range Feedback page the operation increased their avergage by over 7%
  • Increased accuracy of loads menat more effective use of truck time.
  • This increase in consistency also spilled over into load bias and loading times.
Excavator Loading Truck Loads in Range
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