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The Next-Gen Mining Performance Reporting Tool by Resolution Systems

The Next-Gen Mining Performance Reporting Tool by Resolution Systems


Measuring performance differently


MaxMine is an automated, high-resolution data-based business reporting tool that combines advanced data acquisition technology with AI analysis to fully optimise mobile equipment and operator performance within mining and other mobile equipment-based operations, measuring performance differently and using gamification to change behaviours.


With over 2 million hours of on-asset operation, MaxMine is proven on both mechanical and electric machines, delivering multi-million dollar cost savings and production increases to clients across the globe, including owner operated and contract mining operations.


MaxMine’s functionality is fundamentally different to that of existing solutions, and as a result, the system’s capabilities are unique.

  • Dramatically faster.
    • Ready to roll – no waiting for site specific reports to be written
    • Complex site wide analysis completed fast in a best practice cloud environment
  • We have eliminated human influence from our data
    • Human input data is consistently, surprisingly, inaccurate
    • We use automated activity classification and event identification
  • More accurate, we audit and track our accuracy
    • Our OEM independent payload has an error of less than 2%, (based clients weigh bridge studies)
    • We positively detect over 99% of loads and dumps – no assumptions.
  • More cost-effective.
    • MaxMine delivers significant value over and above tier 1 FMS technologies
    • MaxMine has the ability to deliver value across a far broader range of measures and this ability continues to grow – at no extra cost to our clients.
  • Built in data analysis and optimisation
    • Think of automating the most sophisticated work of one of your best analysts and running it live - MaxMine can do this, (thanks to the Resolution Systems platform).
    • Where is my greatest area of productivity loss today?, (MaxMine points to the top 5, indicates the cause and provides the feedback to improve)
    • What are the top locations and causes of driver caused tyre damage – today?
    • Which truck is underperforming? (direct performance measurement powered by engineering, AI and big data – not just OEM codes)
  • Automated Asset Health Analytics
    • Condition based maintenance pointing to issues to be addressed now and issues to be addressed in the near term, (no wading through reports and data)
    • Automated analytics to track current and historical asset health
  • Readily scalable
    • Trucks, watercarts, dig units, graders, dozers – all OEMs
    • Already being deployed across multiple sites as a companywide platform, providing identical, performance miscreance and data quality across all operations
  • All-in-one solution, not another close-the-gap technology.
  • Provides multi-solutions through one technology.
  • Able to incorporate all existing data sources (continuous, ad hoc or recurring data, email, SQL, FMS, APIs to third party systems etc.).
  • Unlocks new and previously inaccessible data sources.
  • Contemporary code base and technology stack, improvement and significant feature addition is continuous, (free of additional charges).
    • Ability to adapt and accommodate client requests
    • The potential for future capabilities is virtually limitless.
    • Ability to imbed client and 3rd party IP (eg Petra Data Science – Maxta)
    • AI – learns the best way to operate assets.


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