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From tyre life improvement to accident investigation and beyond.


Identify improvement opportunities, track performance, sustain results.


How will we transform your operations?

  • See exactly who is doing what, where and when with MaxMine’s visualisation systems.
  • Identify both over and underperformance.
  • Reduce operator variation.
  • Reduce fuel costs.
  • Reduce waste.
  • Increase tonnes.
  • Diagnose and monitor asset health.
  • Increase tyre life.
  • Optimise haul routes and much more.
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Operator Behaviour Improvement

A reduction in operator behaviour variability enables the systematic increase in average performance.

  • MaxMine reports insights into how each individual operator is using your machines.
  • Detailed, accurate feedback is available to each operator with their own automatically prioritised improvement sections.
  • Get feedback on speed, throttle, gear selection, brake and retarder usage, compared to best practice.
  • Improve safety performance by eliminating unpredictable operator behaviour (for example, machine abuse).
  • Operator performance data is analysed and outputted into Operator Performance League Tables.
  • Each operator is scored relative to best practice on that shift (for same truck type, payload range, section etc.)
  • League tables gamify each shift and creating a sense of healthy competition.
  • Scoring is 100% objective and fair. No manual data entry takes place, as the function is fully automated.
  • Operators and dispatchers cannot “game” the system (e.g. button presses and changes to beacons) to make their KPI’s look good.

Improved payload compliance can improve productivity as well as minimise the potential impact on equipment damage by reducing overloading.

  • MaxMine’s payload calculation is more accurate than onboard weighing systems.
  • MaxMine uses raw strut data to calculate payload (considering the unique damping characteristics of each strut).
  • Calibrate truck payload reporting without the need for a weigh bridge.
  • MaxMine’s premium payload system automatically verifies any existing payload system.
  • The most accurate and user-friendly system on the market.
Cycle Time

Improving cycle time variation creates far more consistency in tonnes delivered

  • MaxMine’s operator efficiency tools are targeted at reducing the variation between operators.
  • MaxMine creates an environment where operators take their improvement personally and deliver the results with very little support.
  • Create consistency in your cycle times and enable your dispatch system to work effectively.
  • MaxMine’s operator efficiency tool creates a fair platform that operators can trust.
  • MaxMine "Formiula 1  Meets Mining"
Haul Route Condition

Improving haul road conditions enables faster haul speeds with less equipment damage.

  • Incredibly accurate and objective measurement of haul route condition, replacing often unreliable and subjective severity studies.
  • Haul route condition reports are available every shift, for an up-to-date view of conditions in areas currently being mined.
  • Haul routes are scored over time to track improvement.
  • MaxMine calculates the number, severity and location of rack and bias events to pinpoint areas that are causing machine damage.
  • Ancillary fleets can be prioritised to focus on the worst areas affecting haul speeds and machine health.
Accident Investigation

Data based accident investigations enable accurate root cause analysis to determine the true cause of an accident so that the chance of having future, similar events can be minimised.

  • The data MaxMine gathers is kept forever, giving you access to a complete data history for historical analyses of new parameters, or incident and accident investigations.
  • Data is kept under strict security protocols, accessible only to authorised persons.
With the degree of high-resolution data gathered by MaxMine technology, you can confirm the exact machine and operator behaviour before and during an accident, making any OEM analysis incomplete and negating reliance on-asset alert creation.
Compatible with any equipment make and model
  • MaxMine has over 2 million hours of proven operation.
  • Both mechanical and electric drive haul trucks.
  • Multiple OEMs.
  • Proven on Loading Units.
  • Proven on Ancillary equipment.