Our Approach

Our measure of success is simple – the delivery of significant, confirmed value uplift
for our clients. This drives our Technology Development Process at every level.

Resolution Systems is not just about adding more data – it is about getting the right data, at the highest possible resolution, to the right person at the right time to enable them to make better decisions, right from operator to senior management.

We see solving problems as:

  • Identifying and solving the highest-value issues
  • Developing reliable, high-accuracy tech with extensive capabilities
  • Designing solutions to ensure they become the trusted and preferred tools
  • Integrating tech into daily operations to ensure high capacity utilisations and value delivery in perpetuity

Our Engagement Model

Once mandated, Resolution Systems begins a process of sustainable technology implementation and deployment. Here’s how we’ll help you optimise.

Initial Diagnostic

  • Conducted as early as possible
  • Identify and agree on priority improvement focus areas
  • Trial loggers installed before the Diagnostic to gather sample data for analysis before and during the Diagnostic


  • System runs “blind” in the background to calibrate site nuances/collect baseline data
  • Baseline confirmed and agreed with the client’s team
  • Operator and supervisor training on various system outputs (web interface, auto-reports and wall-boards)
  • Roll-out of automated operator dashboards/other interfaces
  • Reports developed and deployed to drive improvement
  • Coaches work alongside site improvement teams to customise reports with site-specific requirements
  • Results tracking to ensure improvement and value delivery


  • Quarterly sustainability assessments to ensure improvement is locked in and to agree next focus areas
  • Roll-out next innovation add-on


  • Throughout this process, our experienced improvement coaches work in close collaboration with front line supervisors, superintendents and managers to identify improvement ideas and specific work plans designed and agreed upon by all stakeholders to ensure accountability and maximise operational performance

Want to see our process in action?